Sophomore Seminar: Women in the Workforce

Undergraduate Seminar at Harvard, Spring 2020. Course designer and sole instructor

The past century has seen a dramatic increase in the labor force participation of women. This surge has been accompanied by a shift in the type of work women have done, from textile workers to secretaries to doctors. This seminar explores how the role of women in the labor market has changed over time, how the consistent role of childbearer alters these changes, and how institutions and structures outside of the labor market have affected this transition. Additionally, the seminar explores various explanations that attempt to account for differences in labor market outcomes for men and women.

This course equips students with the skills to discuss the conceptual areas, familiarizes students with econometric tools, and helps students become excellent written and oral communicators. Students complete a research paper as part of this course.

Transitioning to Research

Graduate Seminar at Harvard, Fall 2020. Course designer and co-taught with Professor Jeffrey Miron (Harvard Director of Graduate Studies)

This course supports rising third year PhD students as they embark on an independent research career. It provides structure as students (a) immerse themselves in the relevant literature, (b) complete an independent research paper that may be part of their dissertations, and (c) develop the technical, organization, and communication skills needed to succeed as a researcher.

Professional Development Workshops

In my second year in the PhD, I founded the Graduate Economics Association's Professional Development Team, serving as its chair for two years and then a member. The Team organizes workshops to teach graduate students skills needed in academia but not covered in coursework.

I organized workshops such as How to Give a Lunch Talk, Powerful Presenting Skills, Coding like a CS Major, and Making the Most of Your Research Years. As part of our Tech Up Day, I taught workshops on LaTeX and Beamer, files for which are below.

Latex SlidesBeamer Slides

Resources for My Students

Below find many of the sites discussed in class that may be useful to you in your research projects.

Coding Resources

R for Data Science by H. Wickham and G. Grolemund
Code and Data for Social Sciences by M. Gentzkow and J. Shapiro


Google Dataset Search
NBER Datasets
Data is Plural compiled by J. Singer-Vine